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Speak Up For Kids of Palm Beach County

Acoustics for a Cause is pleased to announce its collaboration with Speak Up for Kids of Palm Beach County, the selected beneficiary for the upcoming Acoustics for a Cause concert slated for November 2, 2024.

With a mission to unite businesses and the community through networking, education, and music for charitable purposes, Acoustics for a Cause carefully reviewed thirty-five compelling applications from local nonprofits before choosing Speak Up for Kids of Palm Beach County. Daniel Gittere, the Founder, expressed the team’s enthusiasm, acknowledging the exceptional service these nonprofits provide within Palm Beach County.

Acoustics for a Cause recognizes the outstanding efforts of Speak Up for Kids in supporting approximately 2,000 foster children in the county. The organization’s multifaceted programs are crucial, and through the partnership for the 2024 concert event, Acoustics for a Cause is eager to contribute to the continued success and expansion of these services.

The selection of Speak Up for Kids was based on several criteria, focusing on the organization’s audience reach, the scope of community programs, and the potential impact of the funds raised through the event.

About Acoustics for a Cause


Acoustics for a Cause was created to focus on bringing businesses and communities together by connecting networking, education, and music to benefit charity.


To hold a series of events, including casual gatherings, VIP events, and larger-scale experiences, that provide an opportunity for businesses and industry professionals to gather while helping to raise awareness of local non-profit organizations in need.